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Hello and welcome to the home of Houston High School Baseball. This site was founded on February 15, 1999 as the High School Score Board and became Houston 5A Baseball on February 20, 2000. Houston 5A Baseball is dedicated to 5A High School Baseball coverage in the Houston Metro area. Running this website is like a full time job but we all feel that the Houston High School Baseball community, (players, coaches, and volunteers) deserve recognition for their efforts. A lot of things have changed since the ole 1999 score board days to 2008. Once upon a time, High School Baseball couldnt by a sniff in the media and now, it's much better but we still are fighting the pop-up media who only want to cover the big game but claim they cover the game. Well, Houston 5A baseball covers the big game, from January 1, to December 31, H5AB is there covering the BIG GAME of High School Baseball. Most media in and around the Houston area show up about week 5 of the baseball season and disappear after the first week in June. Houston 5A Baseball is the Original, and the only one of it's kind on the net today, Our off season coverage is one of a kind as well as our regular season coverage. We are also home to the most comprehensive high school baseball play-off coverage on the net today. I encourage you to get involved in assisting us in our goal of being the BEST high school baseball site on the net. There are many things you can do as a volunteer such as, write stories, submit game recaps, submit professional quality photography, donate to the donation drive, become a sponsor, there are many ways to get involved in our community and I ask you for your help in reaching our goals. -Randy Byers

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